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Personalized Gift Solutions for E-commerce


We focus on innovation, personalization, and conversion. GiftNes is a premier solution for e-commerce companies. When an unknown shopper visits your site, we transform their browsing into a delightful gift-finding experience.

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  • Optimize Conversion Rates
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How It Works?

Discovering the Magic of GiftNes

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Analyze User Preferences

Our advanced algorithms analyze user needs and preferences.

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Deliver Personalized Gift Suggestions

Empower users with tailor-made gift recommendations, boosting engagement and conversions.

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Watch Conversions Soar

Experience the magic as users find the perfect gifts effortlessly, resulting in increased sales and happier customers.

Unlock the Power of GiftNes

Revolutionary Services for Elevating E-commerce


Personalized Gift Recommendations

Our advanced algorithms ensure customers discover the perfect gifts effortlessly, driving conversion rates and boosting sales.


Seamless API Integration

Connect your e-commerce platform with our API for a seamless and innovative gift recommendation experience.


Enhanced Customer Engagement

GiftNes keeps users engaged, leading to happier customers and repeat business through personalized recommendations.


Continuous Innovation

We're committed to staying ahead of the curve, providing you with the latest in gift recommendation technology.

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Meet Our Expert Team

  • 4.9 out of 5
img Chief Technology Officer (CTO) & CEO
Metehan Korkmaz
img Chief Product Officer (CPO)
Yusuf Korkmaz
img Chief Data Scientist
M. Semih Çelik
Got Questions? We Have Answers!

Explore Common Queries About GiftNes

What is GiftNes and how does it work?

GiftNes is an innovative solution designed to transform the e-commerce experience. Our advanced machine learning technology analyzes user data to provide personalized gift recommendations. It seamlessly integrates with your website via API, ensuring users find the perfect gift easily.

How can I integrate GiftNes into my e-commerce site?

Integrating GiftNes into your site is a breeze. Simply connect via our provided API to enable our recommendation engine. Our support team will guide you through the setup process to ensure a seamless integration.

What benefits can I expect from using GiftNes?

By using GiftNes, you can expect a significant boost in your conversion rates. Our personalized gift suggestions cater to your users' preferences, making their shopping experience more enjoyable and efficient.

Is GiftNes suitable for all e-commerce businesses?

GiftNes is a versatile solution that can benefit a wide range of e-commerce businesses. Whether you have a small boutique or a large online store, our technology can be tailored to suit your needs.